Dispute Resolution

INDUSLAW's litigation and dispute resolution practice advises a range of clients including corporate entities, government bodies, investors, shareholders, lenders, directors and other institutions on civil matters before the courts and commercial disputes before arbitration forums in India and overseas.

INDUSLAW's litigation and dispute resolution team represent clients on a variety of matters including: 

  • Writ litigation, corporate litigation, original side appeals and tax matters before the High Courts and the Supreme Court
  • Prosecution, injunctions and defensive actions relating to infringement of patent, trademarks, copyright, design and confidential information in relation to intellectual property disputes
  • Corporate litigation before the Company Law Boards
  • Contractual and commercial disputes, injunctive and specific performance actions including shareholder disputes, disputes relating to contracts such as distributor, franchise and licensing agreements, non-compete and non-solicit obligations
  • Actions in tort including negligence and defamation
  • Disputes relating to property, succession, sale, lease, mortgage, joint development transactions and damages claims
  • Disputes relating to power purchase agreements, tariffs, wheeling, banking arrangements and grant of open access before the Electricity Regulatory Commissions
  • Arbitration proceedings across all practice areas, including advice in relation to injunctive relief from the courts prior to, during and post arbitration proceedings, and proceedings in court for enforcement of arbitral award
  • Actions in relation to the Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act (1993) before the Debt Recovery Tribunals and Appellate Tribunals and advice in relation to the SARFAESI Act
  • Proceedings before Tax Tribunals and quasi judicial authorities and litigation relating to Sales Tax and Value Added Tax, Service Tax, Customs and Excise Duty



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