INDUSLAW MOVE is an effort to consolidate all our pro bono activities under one umbrella. INDUSLAW MOVE aims to unify the INDUSLAW team to work towards common goals, and make a difference in the lives of people, animals and the world. Through this program, we hope to prompt the world around us to be more diverse, inclusive and thoughtful, and to encourage initiatives which make a difference in the society (and world) we live in. This will continue to be a not-for-profit thought leadership facet of the firm, which takes up causes with the premise of giving back.

INDUSLAW HerMOVE is a program (part of the INDUSLAW MOVE initiative) which endeavours to assist women entrepreneurs in their journey of building their business. This initiative will give an opportunity to budding women entrepreneurs to engage with INDUSLAW lawyers on a pro bono basis.


As part of the INDUSLAW HerMOVE initiative, we invite women entrepreneurs to apply to be a part of the program. Upon selection, INDUSLAW will facilitate an interaction between selected women entrepreneurs and relevant INDUSLAW partners.

Please apply to the program through this link.

Reach us at for any queries.