Insolvency & Restructuring

INDUSLAW's Insolvency & Restructuring group advises creditors, debtors, guarantors, directors, insolvency professionals, resolution applicants and trustees in relation to the restructuring, liquidation and winding up of businesses under the Indian Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, with one of our partner's being a qualified insolvency resolution professional.

In particular, our team advises on:

  • The provisions and processes under the insolvency & Bankruptcy Code
  • Rights and obligations during the moratorium period and the insolvency resolution process
  • The preparation of the expression of interest for the insolvency resolution process
  • The legal due diligence of corporate debtors
  • The negotiation, preparation and finalisation of restructuring plans
  • Potential asset recoveries and claw back
  • Implementing restructuring plans through strategic sales, slump sales, demergers and auctions
  • Compliance of any restructuring with applicable law, including the Competition Act, SEBI Regulations and the Foreign Exchange Management Act
  • The implementation of insolvent liquidations and voluntary winding-ups
  • Cross border insolvency, in particular, in the context of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross Border Insolvency
  • Asset freezing overseas and injunctions against parallel proceedings during the moratorium period.



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