In a world where algorithms can compose symphonies, write novels, and paint masterpieces that challenge human imagination, the rise of generative artificial intelligence is nothing short of a digital renaissance. With this exponential growth of Generative Artificial Intelligence (“GenAI”) systems, we are faced with several questions such as: How do we regulate GenAI? How do we address the ethical issues associated with the use of GenAI? How do we protect the proprietary rights of different stakeholders? How do we ensure privacy of users interacting with GenAI? Such questions are now subject to scrutiny owing to recent cases filed by major news organizations against proprietors of GenAI systems. In this article, INDUSLAW's Bharadwaj Jaishankar, Shreya Suri, Annupriya Agarwal and Himangini Mishra delve into the above questions and navigate the existing legal framework in India that aims to balance innovation with responsibility in this age of digital renaissance.