Published On: 27/10/2023

Practice Area: Intellectual Property


We are pleased to present to you the latest edition of our newsletter covering updates on all things Intellectual Property. With intriguing shifts in the ever-evolving landscape of patents, trade marks, and copyrights, the newsletter traces the dynamic world of Intellectual Property and its fascinating intersections with fashion, tech, and media. From safeguarding the rights in popular trade marks like Burger King, Blinkit and Theobroma to unravelling the otherwise muffled areas like Standard Essential Patents (SEP), this edition tracks a series of noteworthy decisions taken by various Courts across the world. The High Court of Delhi has been particularly vigilant in protecting future works of owners from copyright infringement by issuing the “Dynamic+” Injunction order in the Universal City Studios LLC case. Simultaneously, it has addressed issues of prior use, transborder reputation and non-use, leading to vacation of interim injunction in the "E! Now" case. Other intriguing snippets include GI tags for products from various states across India and right of authors to receive royalty from radio channels.