Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” – this very famous question was posed by Greek philosopher Socrates, to his followers. In essence, he impressed on his followers to ask themselves whether what they speak is the ‘truth’, whether it is ‘considerate’ of the person spoken to or about, or whether their words were ‘necessary’ for any good purpose. If the answer to any of these questions was no, he preached that it was wiser to remain silent. A similar notion is also widely recognized in the Buddhist tradition, which urges one to think whether what they say is “spoken in truth” or “spoken beneficially”. While time and experience have served as testament of this long-forgotten way of thinking, the ‘truth’ is something that is still a fundamental ideal in our society, as seen from our notions of justice and equality. Whether it is the courts rejecting the stay of a docu-series or the introduction of a fact-checking feature on Meta or a minister dispelling untrue rumours in a state, in some of our key updates carried in this Recap, what struck a chord with us was the emphasis on truth and clarity being fundamental to all these developments. On that note, we present to you, The Recap, capturing the media, entertainment, and gaming updates for the month of February 2024. We hope you enjoy reading this edition of The Recap as much as we enjoyed presenting it to you!