Article on Tortious Interference for Publication

Published On: 11/05/2020

Practice Area: Dispute Resolution


Mohit Chadha
Vaishnavi Rao
Interference with a contract between two parties by a third party has been neglected by most jurisdictions, as courts, as well as the public at large, remain aloof regarding the tort of Tortious Interference in contractual matters. An important economic tort relating to the breach of contractual obligations between parties is that of Tortious Interference. When a third party intentionally or negligently jeopardizes the economic interest of either of the two parties having contractual relations by way of certain acts it is known as Tortious Interference (“Tortious Interference”).This article seeks to give an insight into the tort of Tortious Interference, its roots in common law systems, interpretation by American jurists, and the recognition given by Indian courts to the tort. INDUSLAW’s Mohit Chadha, Vaishnavi Rao, and Prerna Sharma analyze the position of the jurisprudence on this subject in India and suggest legislative reforms required to assist the courts in adjudicating upon interference claims as well as act to encourage parties to treat contractual obligations as sacrosanct.