Published On: 21/11/2023


‘Lights, Camera & Action!’ – an iconic expression in the realm of cinema, has also served as a cue for the members of the film crew at the commencement of every take. However, the extent to which each of these ‘takes’ feature in the final cut of the movie for public exhibition has often sparked debates between the film makers and lawmakers of the country which in turn, has prompted a catena of amendments to the primary legislation specifically governing censorship in cinema i.e., the Cinematograph Act, 1952. In what appears as a comprehensive piece of law, the Act addresses issues concerning film certification, piracy and powers of the Central Government in this regard. Through this article, INDUSLAW’s Ranjana Adhikari, Srija Ray, Akshita Singh and Raghav Kapoor walk through the different iterations of the Cinematograph Amendment Bills over the course of time and shed light on the significant aspects of the Cinematograph (Amendment) Act, 2023.