Published On: 14/09/2023

Practice Area: Real Estate


As the pages of time turn and the landscape of real estate continues its dynamic evolution, Volume 4 stands as a testament, embracing a thoughtfully curated compendium of significant judgments and orders, spanning the duration from October 2022 to March 2023. Within these decisions lie the imprints of the RERA authorities entrusted with the responsibility of interpreting the RERA Act, shaping the contours of our legal landscape.   Amidst the interplay of market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and the shifting aspirations of consumers, a panorama takes shape, demanding our unswerving attention. This Dossier provides pivotal judicial interpretations on issues like allottee's entitlement to claim interest under Section 18 of RERA post-possession, purchasers' eligibility for refunds in cases of delayed possession despite obtaining the Occupation Certificate, considerations while determining possession dates, the ramifications of authority-extended project completion on claims of delayed possession etc. This Dossier also encompasses legal position developed in this period on important issues like non-negotiable clauses within agreements, Deregistration of Projects, Additional conditions for project extensions, etc.   We sincerely wish that you discover this edition of the Dossier to be both captivating and enlightening. Your feedback and suggestions on this Dossier are highly valued, and we eagerly anticipate hearing from our readers.   Stay tuned for the next Volume!