Published On: 15/06/2023


In the modern post Keynesian economic age, infrastructure is considered a crucial fulcrum for the growth of an economy. The Government of India, realising this important facet has, in its various five-year plans tried to be the guiding beacon for infrastructure development. Infrastructure and its definition has changed with the shift in lifestyles and goods consumed by the country’s masses. To magnify on the understanding of what is covered under the rubric of ‘infrastructure’ and to effectively monitor the said sectors, the Ministry of Finance has recently constituted a high-level committee led by Mr. Bibek Debroy, chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India. INDUSLAW's M. Arun Kumar, Ahona Pal and Anurag Mawai attempt to understand the purview of the dilemma of definition of infrastructure in Indian economy and analyse what sectors could possibly come under its umbrella with India’s changing economic landscape.